Crank it to 11 with METALLIC ROUGE Episode 8

Get ready to rock out with your midnight mechas out as sci-fi anime “METALLIC ROUGE” turns the volume to maximum for Episode 8, airing February 28th at 11:55PM Indian Standard Time.

In a dystopian future ruled by android overlords, rebels fight back using weaponized guitars, synths and black leather. Our hero Kyosuke wields Musik, a sentient electric guitar mecha fueled by the power of rock! Alongside rebels Toph and Cyn, they cut through robotic armies with amp-blasting riffs dedicated to the lost human freedoms.

Last episode’s cliffhanger left Musik broken and Kyosuke injured after the team’s most brutal battle yet. But fans know the soundtrack always carries a secret ace power-up to clutch victory from defeat’s jaws!

So prepare your ear drums and bang that heavy metal hand tonight as METALLIC ROUGE’s rebellion kicks distortion into overdrive! With each gained ally, foiled enemy plan and rattling power chord, hope kindles for humanity’s future. And hope will be turning up loud as Episode 8 shreds in with what’s sure to melt faces while saving the human race!

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