1. The Strongest Hero

The deeper the darkness the more dazzling the light shines!

2. True Hero

When there’s nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times, is surely the mark… of a true hero

3. Wanting

Wanting to do it and being suitable for it are different issues

4. Dreams

There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway

5. Reach

There Will Always Be People Beyond Our Reach That We Can't Protect. Which Is Why We Have To Save People We Can Reach.

6. Win Or Lose

Whether You Win Or Lose, Looking Back And Learning From Your Experiences Is A Part Of Life

7. Sacrifice

Nothing Is Nobler Than Self Sacrifice

8. Smile

Smile. A Society Without Cheer and Humour Will Not Have a Bright Future." 

9. Desire

For Once in My Life, I Just Want to Be Good Enough

10. violence

Heroes and villains both thrive on violence, but we're still categorized. 'You're good.' 'You're evil.' That's how it is!