Wit and Intrigue Reign Again in Maomao no Hitorigoto Episode 20

Break out the herbal tea and set your minds to sharp, because the delightful historical mystery anime “Maomao no Hitorigoto” returns with another case to crack in Episode 20, premiering 8:30AM Indian Standard Time on February 26th.

Court pharmacist detective Maomao captivates with cleverness and an independent spirit as she navigates Imperial Palace conspiracies during China’s Tang Dynasty. Though bound to serve the Emperor’s favored consort, the quick-thinking Maomao finds ways to follow her passion for investigation while avoiding the cutthroat political fortunes and dangers all around her.

Last episode concluded a tense life-or-death scheme against Maomao. But fans know our unconventional heroine always concocts cunning solutions out of chaos. Now restored to Imperial favor and itching for a fresh puzzle, Maomao confronts new court deceptions and secrets.

Devoted viewers anxiously await Episode 20 to join Maomao interpreting cryptic clues and analyzing poisons, antidotes, hidden passageways, and all the twisty intrigues one expects in ancient royal circles. Her relentless intellect and charming wit consistently impress. So brew a nice cup of oolong and stimulate senses for the delightful return of Maomao no Hitorigoto – where intellect, intrigue and inspiring feminine empowerment are always on the menu.

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