10 Must-Watch Anime If You Enjoyed Pluto

You’re probably feeling a major anime void after plowing through that phenomenal sci-fi series and its complex futuristic world. But have no fear – your anime sage is here to provide the perfect recommendations to fill that Neo-noir, cyberpunk hole in your heart!

After binge-watching Pluto myself, I was itching to find other philosophical, detective-style anime that would get my brain juices flowing again. You know, shows that pose those deep ethical questions about technology and humanity that Pluto did so masterfully.

Luckily, after some serious anime marathoning, I uncovered 10 series that every Pluto fan NEEDS to watch next. They all capture a similar vibe and will give you the same adrenaline rush of unraveling mind-blowing mysteries. I’m talking time travel, cerebral cat-and-mouse chases, surreal sci-fi worlds – the essentials!

So get ready to geek out, because I’ve got you covered with the ultimate must-watch anime list tailored specifically for Pluto lovers like us. Whether you’re looking for a dark thriller, retro sci-fi, or bizarre trippy vibes, you’ll find your perfect binge-fest right here. Now let’s dig into 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Enjoyed Pluto!

1. Steins; Gate

(2011, 24 episodes)

The twisting, complex thriller Steins; Gate is an absolute must-watch for any fan of Pluto. This sci-fi anime revolves around eccentric scientist Rintaro Okabe, who accidentally discovers time travel with his friends after creating a microwave that can send text messages to the past. However, they soon realize the immense power and unforeseen consequences of being able to alter timelines and the course of fate.

Much like Pluto, Steins; Gate delivers a layered, unpredictable narrative full of nuances that leave viewers contemplating weighty ideas about choice, reality, and human nature. With its incredible animation, chilling soundtrack, and stellar Japanese voice acting Steins; Gate offers the same top-notch production value as Pluto.

Most importantly, its cerebral examination of time travel technology and the ethics of toying with fate creates the exact same thought-provoking, philosophically rich viewing experience that viewers loved about Pluto. If you enjoyed Pluto’s dark sci-fi mystery, Steins; Gate is an absolute must-watch.

2. Psycho-Pass

(2012, 22 episodes)

If you enjoyed the ethical dilemmas and technology-driven society in Pluto, then Psycho-Pass needs to be your next anime binge! This sci-fi thriller is set in a kind of creepy future where a computer system can scan someone and instantly determine how likely they are to commit a crime based on their mental state. It’s like Minority Report meets Big Brother.

We follow these cops who work for the Public Safety Bureau as they try to uphold justice in this crazy new world. But the lines between right and wrong get super blurred when they’re essentially arresting people for “future crimes” predicted by technology. It raises so many of the same big questions that Pluto did about fate, human nature, and playing God.

Plus, with its gritty urban setting and moody color palette, Psycho-Pass totally nails that same dark, neo-noir vibe. And the animation is top-notch, with some awe-inspiring action sequences scattered throughout. If you’re hungry for another cerebral, futuristic detective story that will get your brain juices flowing as Pluto did, Psycho-Pass should be your next stop!

3. Monster

(2004, 74 episodes)

Now if you’re looking for another super complex, morally ambiguous detective thriller after watching Pluto, then Monster is gonna be right up your alley. This show is a real slow-burn mystery that spans decades as a Japanese doctor named Kenzo Tenma tries to hunt down an elusive serial killer known only as “Johan.”

There are so many unpredictable twists as Tenma tracks Johan across Germany, and it really makes you question concepts of good versus evil, human nature, and all that philosophical stuff we love. Monster draws you into its dark, grounded world with its realistic animation style and chilling atmosphere. And with 74 episodes, it provides the same intricate, extended cat-and-mouse experience that we got from Pluto’s layered mystery.

Basically, if you’re into broody, thought-provoking anime detectives like Gesicht from Pluto, and want another series you can seriously sink your teeth into, Monster should definitely be on your watchlist. The mind-blowing storytelling will keep you hooked just like Pluto did.

4. Death Note

(2006, 37 episodes)

Get ready for the ultimate game of cat and mouse if you decide to watch Death Note next. This super popular anime throws us into a complex battle of wits between a high school student named Light who finds a supernatural notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it, and a master detective named L who tries to track him down.

It’s such a crazy cool premise, and their mind games as Light tries to create a “perfect world” and L attempts to expose him will definitely suck you in just like Pluto’s mystery did. Their unpredictable strategies always keep you guessing. Death Note also explores similar themes around justice, ethics, and playing god that really make you think.

Plus the animation is slick and modern, with some really wacky Shinigami god of death characters popping up too. If you were fascinated by the interconnected stories between characters like Tullio Baslam and Cesare from Pluto, just wait until you dive into the thrilling cat-and-mouse chase between Light and L! Death Note is guaranteed to provide that same addictive experience of an intricate, philosophical detective battle.

5. Serial Experiments Lain

(1998, 13 episodes)

If you were into the trippy, philosophical vibes of Pluto, I’d definitely say to put Serial Experiments Lain on your watchlist next. This retro anime follows a quiet girl named Lain who starts getting cryptic messages on her computer from a dead classmate who says she’s communicating from “The Wired” (aka the internet). Things get super weird and surreal as Lain becomes obsessed with decoding the messages and exploring The Wired.

It’s a total mind-bender, with crazy visuals and a lot of existential rambling about the blurring lines between technology and reality. Kinda like some of the surreal dream sequences with Tullio in Pluto. But Lain also explores really fascinating ideas about human connection and existence in the digital age that I think fans of cerebral sci-fi like Pluto would appreciate.

Even though it’s not that long, Lain sticks with you and makes you go “whoa” in that same thoughtful way Pluto did. If you don’t mind an abstract, artsy watch that requires some brain power, I highly recommend adding Lain to your must-see list. It’s a trip.

6. Ergo Proxy

(2006, 23 episodes)

Alright, listen up folks – if you were captivated by Pluto’s futuristic world where humans and robots try to coexist, Ergo Proxy needs to be your next anime destination. The setting is this dark, grimy post-apocalyptic city where humans live alongside androids called AutoReivs. But then a weird virus shows up that gives the AutoReivs self-awareness, and they start going rogue left and right.

It’s up to the humans to try and stop these robot murders, but they totally question their place in the world too. Lots of tricky questions about technology and humanity that I think Pluto fans would dig into. This series just nails the mature, philosophical sci-fi vibe. And it’s got great action animation mixed in there too for when stuff inevitably hits the fan.

Even though it can move at a slower pace sometimes, I was hooked by how unpredictable the storylines were, just like Pluto’s various mysteries. If you enjoy getting lost in a dark, moody cyberpunk world like Pluto’s, and want something action-packed yet thought-provoking, definitely add Ergo Proxy to the ol’ watchlist. You won’t regret it!

7. Ghost in the Shell

(1995, movie)

Alright my sci-fi lovin’ friends, listen up! If you enjoyed exploring the ethical dilemmas between humans and technology in Pluto, then the classic anime film Ghost in the Shell needs to be on your radar next. This groundbreaking cyberpunk flick is set in a super-advanced world where humans are integrated with technology on a biological level.

We follow this cyborg agent named Motoko who is hunting down a mysterious hacker that seems to be able to access people’s minds and memories. This dark, philosophical story questions what it really means to be human in a world where technology blurs the boundaries. Lots of food for thought, just like we saw with Pluto!

And even though it was made in the 90s, the animation in Ghost in the Shell still looks so slick and detailed. The action sequences will blow you away too. If you want another influential, thought-provoking anime that contemplates humanity’s relationship with tech – ya know, like our guy Gesicht from Pluto was all about – then bump Ghost in the Shell up on that watchlist pronto! You’ll thank me later.

8. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

(2021, 13 episodes)

Calling all Pluto fans – if you were fascinated by the connections between humans and artificial intelligence in that show, then you definitely need to see Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song next! This sleek sci-fi anime centers around an AI singer named Vivy who is sent back in time from the future to stop an apocalyptic war between AIs and humans.

Vivy teams up with an AI named Matsumoto, and together they alter past events to change the catastrophic future awaiting humanity. It’s such a cool premise! This show is jam-packed with action and drama, exploring thought-provoking ideas about technology’s place in mankind’s future. Major Gesicht from Pluto would approve of Vivy’s mission, I think.

Plus, Vivy herself is such a complex, emotionally engaging character as she struggles with her identity as an AI. And the animation is just gorgeous – totally immerses you in the story. If you’re seeking another binge-worthy, futuristic anime after Pluto that blends sci-fi and feels, Vivy is gonna hit the spot! You’re gonna race through all 13 episodes, trust me.

9. Kaiba

(2008, 12 episodes)

Alright, for all my thoughtful sci-fi heads who loved Pluto – listen up! You gotta add the mind-bending anime Kaiba to your watchlist next. This peculiar little series takes place in a world where people can swap and steal bodies and memories like physical objects. Wild concept, I know!

It mainly follows this mysterious guy named Kaiba who wakes up with no memories and tries to piece together his identity as he travels this surreal landscape. The story poses some really fascinating philosophical questions about the nature of humanity and reality when bodies and memories are commodities. Lots of weird, experimental visuals and imagery too.

Kaiba has a similar vibe to some of Pluto’s more abstract, psychological moments. And while it’s a short watch, the existential themes will stick with you for a while after, not unlike the impact of Pluto’s heavy ideas. So if you dig avant-garde anime that explores the meaning of memories and existence like Pluto, Kaiba is definitely one to check out next! It’ll give your brain some fun new puzzles to chew on.

10. Time of Eve

(2008, 6 episodes)

Last but not least for my Pluto fam – if you were into the thoughtful exploration of technology and humanity in that show, you should also check out the short but sweet anime Time of Eve. The setting is a futuristic world where androids are a regular part of life, but banned from interacting with humans.

That is…until we discover this lowkey cafe called Time of Eve, where androids and humans hang out freely without knowing each other’s identities. It’s so cool to see the connections forming organically between them. This anime film poses some introspective questions about prejudice and humanity’s relationship with tech that I think fans of philosophical sci-fi like Pluto would really appreciate.

Time of Eve also has this peaceful, contemplative vibe thanks to its warm background art and music. And even though it’s only 6 short episodes, the storytelling sticks with you long after the credits roll. So if you’re looking for one more thought-provoking, uplifting anime about technology and humanity post-Pluto, be sure to check out the hidden gem Time of Eve soon! You won’t regret it.

Final words

With their engrossing stories, complex moral dilemmas, and striking visuals, all of these anime are must-watches for anyone who enjoys the dark, cerebral appeal of Pluto. Which of these thought-provoking series will you binge next? Let us know in the comments!

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