Chad Stahelski Reveals John Wick Anime – What We Could See

Major news for fans of John Wick like me – an anime based in the franchise universe is happening! This awesome news came straight from John Wick director Chad Stahelski himself in a new podcast interview. Hype!

Specifically, when talking about plans for the spinoff live-action series The Continental, Stahelski revealed “We’re also doing a Japanese anime because I love Japanese anime so much.” This has me so excited!

The John Wick films have built such an intricate, complex world that I think anime is perfectly suited to explore and expand the lore even more. Anime can push the stylized action and violence even further with insane sequences. I’d love to see the anime tackle storylines a live-action movie couldn’t portray as easily.

Stahelski clearly has experience with and a passion for anime. He worked on stunts for Fist of the North Star and was the coordinator for Speed Racer. He’s also directing action on Lazarus, an upcoming sci-fi anime.

With the John Wick anime coming down the pipeline, it’s cool to hear writer Derek Kolstad is also working on anime versions of Splinter Cell, Hellsing, and Streets of Rage. And Keanu Reeves is getting his BRZRKR comic turned into an anime for Netflix too.

I’m guessing plans started moving forward on the anime after the last John Wick movie, Chapter 4 – Parabellum hit theaters back in 2019. Chapter 5 is expected in 2023, so my guess is we’ll see the anime in 2024 or 2025.

No details yet on which anime studio could produce it, but there are many great options that could totally nail the franchise’s slick action! As a fan, I’m pumped at the possibilities of where an animated John Wick story could take us. Bring on the anime!

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