Top 11 Anime Like Solo Leveling With Op Mc

There has been huge demand lately for more anime like “Solo Leveling” With Op Mc. Following the immense popularity of the action webtoon “Solo Leveling” starring supreme shadow monarch Sung Jin-Woo, fans have been searching non-stop for similar anime with overpowered main characters (OP MCs) that provide that irresistible zero-to-hero rush.

Fortunately, there are several great anime out there featuring fantastically powerful protagonists that are perfect for fans wanting more anime like “Solo Leveling” with OP MCs. These anime capture underdogs attaining god-like abilities through hardship, trauma, and cultivation – slaying towering monsters after starting from zero.

In this post, we will explore the top 11 anime like “Solo Leveling” with op MC. Get ready for shocking power fantasies spanning action, isekai, gaming, and more.

1. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

(2015 / 4 Seasons)

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? / anime like solo leveling with op mc

In terms of sheer enjoyment watching a wimpy MC develop legendary strength from underdog to juggernaut, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” (DanMachi) deserves first mention.

The show takes inspiration from RPG mechanics with Bell Cranel aiming to become the greatest adventurer in the world…and win the heart of beautiful swordswoman Ais Wallenstein.

While Bell has no special abilities to start, through tremendous effort and skill building, he unlocks the rare skill “Realis Phrase” that allows him to exponentially grow in power with each near-death experience.

Fans live for that endorphin rush seeing Bell take down enemies far stronger than expected. Beautiful JRPG-style animation and a charming cast of adventurers in the world of Orario round out this must-see underdog story with sweet payoffs.

2. Tower of God

(2020 / 1 Season)

Tower of God / anime like solo leveling with op mc

If Solo Leveling pulled on your heartstrings seeing Jin-woo frantically climb the tower for his lost love Rachel, you will binge through “Tower of God”‘s intense, mysterious vertical world.

The protagonist Twenty-Fifth Bam enters the Tower to be reunited with Rachel, his only friend growing up in a dark cave underneath the towering structure.

To ascend each floor, Bam faces deadly trials testing his skills and determination. While he starts out weak, through forming alliances, strategy and inner willpower, he obtains astounding powers to control Shinsoo’s energy.

Bam’s drive echo’s Jin-Woo’s as he gains strength through trauma. Tower of God delivers stunning visuals and a grand sense of scale with a unique fantasy world that feels limitless in magical possibilities.

3. Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered But Overly Cautious

(2019 / 1 Season)

Cautious Hero / anime like solo leveling with op mc

Fans who couldn’t get enough of Jin-Woo methodically planning out battles will embrace the MCSeiya Ryuuguuin in “Cautious Hero”.

Seiya is absurdly OP, blessed with god-tier offensive magic, speed and strength. But he takes no chances against enemies, relentlessly preparing with additional armor, tools and calculations.

It’s admirable seeing Seiya stack the odds so firmly in his favor before unleashing unreal magical attacks compared to reckless heroes. We get the thrill of an OP protagonist still strategizing battles for total domination.

Packed with color and comedy while the cautious hero tries to conceal his growing overprotectiveness, Cautious Hero is a bright isekai romp with a mentally untouchable MC.

4. The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

(2018 / 2 Seasons)

The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime / anime like solo leveling with op mc

For viewers who loved Jin-Woo’s unique evolution from human to monster overlord, “The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” fantastically captures that transition of gaining a non-human form, developing special abilities tailored to it, and building a monster nation.

After tragic death by stabbing, Satoru Mikami awakens as a slime monster in an unfamiliar magical world.

Guided by the powerful Storm Dragon Veldora, Satoru gains the ability “Predator” allowing him to mimic abilities of anything he ingest, like Jin-Woo’s shadow extraction.

We share in his delight in exploiting new monster forms, eventually becoming an insanely OP demon lord who finds a monster nation to deter human’s that for wish fulfillment! Slime packs so much fun reincarnated progression with fluid animation to boot.

5. Log Horizon

(2013 / 3 Seasons)

 Log Horizon /anime like solo leveling with op mc

For viewers who live for the intellectual thrill of strategy and tactical battles, look no further than Log Horizon. The premise: thousands of players are trapped in the MMORPG magical wonderland of Elder Tales unable to log out after a game update.

There our protagonist Shiroe uses his extensive knowledge, planning skills and high-level enchanter class to battle monsters, political factions and discover the secrets behind their predicament.

Fans delight in Shiroe outsmarting enemies through deception and precise coordination with his partners. The nation-building politics also deliver great payoff.

While not overpowered physically, his veteranship, knowledge and planning skills make him undefeatable in mental battles and essential for the survival of novice players. For the thinkers who loved Jin-Woo’s calculated shadow army domination, Log Horizon offers next-level MMO strategy excitement.

6. Sword Art Online

(2012 / 4 Seasons)

Sword Art Online /anime like solo leveling with op mc

The most landmark stuck-in-a-video game series, “Sword Art Online” depicts épée virtuoso Kirito steadily ascending from standard beta player towards legendary hero status as the strongest player in Aincrad.

After beta testing the first VR full dive MMO, Kirito and 10,000 players are trapped in Sword Art Online by creator Akihiko Kayaba until they beat all 100 floors.

Early on Kirito forms a relationship with novice player Asuna. We experience his desperation to save her and at exhilaration unlocking unique skills through trauma and determination like Jin-Woo.

With fluid animation and heart-thumping music, Sword Art Online captures being trapped in a video game world like no other series. If you crave more VR fantasy and the escapism of a virtual world, dive into SAO’s grand adventure!

7. So I’m a Spider, So What?

(2021 / 1 Season)

So I'm a Spider, So What?

For Solo Leveling fans who delighted in Jin-Woo gaining new shadow abilities and evolving in tune with his powers, “So I’m a Spider, So What” hits some similar beats with the struggle of adapting to an unfamiliar form.

Protagonist Kumoko is reborn as a low-level spider monster in a dangerous dungeon environment. Weak early on, through swift decision making she progressively gains poison abilities and fearful evolved forms to battle menacing beasts and avoid cruel fate.

Through quick-witted utilization of her spider abilities, Kumoko’s exciting battles and solid character progression scratch that “zero-to-hero” itch. Animation captures her various cute and badass evolved forms.

If you enjoy monster isekai struggle and gradual empowerment through unlocked evolutions, So I’m a Spider offers creative arachnid wish fulfillment!

8. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

(2019 / 2 Seasons)

Another hardcore isekai about unleashing vengeance on classmates with newly granted powers – sign me up! “Arifureta” follows high schooler Hajime Nagumo and his class summoned to the magical world Tortus as heroes to fight monsters.

But the class mocks and tortures Hajime over his bland skills, resulting in them betraying and nearly killing him in a dungeon.

After surviving and leveling up tremendously solo in the depths, Hajime returns in secret as a dispassionate antihero harboring immense strength from mastering magical firearms, homing bullets, and transmutation abilities.

We relish Hajime meeting his cruel former friends with seamless combat sequences. For viewers craving bloody vengeance and immense sole-survivor strength unlocked through trauma like Jin-Woo, Arifureta scratches a savage itch!

9. The King’s Avatar

(2017 / 2 Seasons)

The King's Avatar

Set in the 2030s when eSports reign supreme, “The King’s Avatar” follows legendary player Ye Xiu forced into retirement from his elite gaming organization.

Undaunted, Ye bides his time rising as a mythical grassroots champion in an MMO called Glory dominating everyone in using signature unorthodox strategies and skills honed from a decade of competitive play.

The King’s Avatar conveys the amazing payoff of mastering niche abilities shunned by the mainstream meta. We share Xiu’s veteran satisfaction outsmarting younger pros who play only mainstream glory characters, similar to Jin-Woo’s glee using necromancy shunned by other hunters.

For the satisfaction of growth through specialized skills and strategy MMO battles where cunning trumps everything else, dive into this esports gem!

10. Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

(2016 / 1 Season)


Beautiful watercolor aesthetics coupled with balanced game-inspired mechanics earn “Grimgar” first mention for stunning isekai animation (it’s also a light novel series).

Set in a Tolkien-inspired world, we follow average youths struggling to survive day-to-day battles after waking up with no memories in mystical Grimgal.

With no overpowered abilities, we witness comrades coordinating attacks through skilled choreography like a dance–squad goals! Our protagonist Haruhiro picks up the thief class, and through each desperate skirmish, gradually hones his slashes and dodges from sloppy to deadly.

For the satisfaction of an underpowered protagonist slowly cultivating skill and teamwork, Grimgar offers a moving, grounded twist on the power fantasy formula.

11. The Rising of the Shield Hero

(2019 / 3 Seasons)

Lastly, “The Rising of Shield Hero” captures Jin-Woo’s despair early on as the lowest-ranked hero’s forbidden magic to incentivize clever alternative solutions.

College student Naofumi Iwatani wears legendary shield gauntlets transporting him toMelromarc as one of the Four Cardinal Heroes prophesied to save the world from calamity.

But despised as the Shield Hero unable to attack, Naofumi is falsely accused of rape by the kingdom’s princess, losing his party funds and social standing.

We agonize over his difficult climb back up acquiring loyal companions and combing skill trees to compensate for the shield’s lack of attack power with defense, cooking and medicine.

Watching Naofumi’s vengeance against religious persecution and the royal court that shamed him makes for epic catharsis. For passionate zero-to-hero progression via wit and defiant determination, indulge in Shield Hero’s magnificent comeback story!


Solo Leveling fans hungry for more overpowered thrills are sure to be captivated by these 11 anime-like Solo Leveling With Op Mc. We have tower climbers, cautious strategists, reincarnated spiders, and shield-wielding underdogs attaining immense power through skill and determination.

Scour the genres – action, adventure, isekai, gaming and more – to witness protagonists transform within inventive worlds. Through hardship and cultivation, they gain impressive abilities made viscerally real through imaginative animation and resonant music.

So open new tabs and queue up these supreme anime power trips today for maximum binge euphoria! Hungry for more OP characters? Share your own favorite hidden gem anime in the comments.

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